Vivo V30 Pro | Camera Powerhouse Unveiled Ahead of Feb 28 Launch


As technology lovers eagerly await the launch of the Vivo V30 Pro on February 28, leaks and rumors have started to unveil some exciting details about the smartphone’s camera capabilities. The Vivo V30 Pro, part of the renowned V30 series, promises to be a photography powerhouse with modern features and an impressive camera setup. This article will explore the leaked camera details, showing what users can expect from Vivo’s upcoming flagship.

A Sneak Peek into the Vivo V30 Pro

The Vivo V30 Pro, set to launch later this month, is generating buzz with its powerful specifications and innovative features. The smartphone is expected to be powered by a MediaTek Dimensity 8200 SoC, promising a seamless and efficient user experience. While various aspects of the phone have been under speculation, recent leaks have shed light on the camera details, hinting at a photography-centric focus for the V30 Pro.

The Triple Camera Setup

One of the standout features of the Vivo V30 Pro is its triple rear camera setup, promising versatility and high-quality imaging. According to leaks, the primary rear sensor will boast an impressive 50-megapixel resolution, featuring the Sony IMX920 sensor. That hints at exceptional detail and clarity in captured images.

Portrait Photography at Its Best

Accompanying the primary sensor is a 50-megapixel Sony IMX816 portrait camera. This dedicated portrait lens suggests that the V30 Pro will excel in capturing stunning portraits with a focus on depth and background blur. Including such high-resolution sensors underscores Vivo’s commitment to delivering a top-notch photography experience.

Ultra-Wide-Angle Lens for a Broader Perspective

Adding to the versatility of the camera setup is a third sensor paired with an ultra-wide-angle lens. This component allows users to capture expansive landscapes and group shots with ease. The combination of a high megapixel count and an ultra-wide lens indicates that Vivo aims to cater to a wide range of photography preferences.

Front and Center – 50-Megapixel Eye AF Front Camera

The focus on camera excellence also extends to the front of the device. The Vivo V30 Pro is rumored to feature a 50-megapixel Eye AF front camera, aligning with the trend of high-resolution front-facing cameras for impressive selfies. The inclusion of Eye AF (Auto Focus) technology suggests enhanced precision in capturing facial details, ensuring sharp and clear self-portraits.

Color Options and Design

In addition to its camera prowess, the Vivo V30 Pro is expected to make a style statement with its design. Leaks suggest that the Pro variant will be available in India’s black and blue color options, providing users with choices that suit their preferences. Additionally, the base model has hints of a gradient green shade, adding a touch of uniqueness to the lineup.

Under the Hood – Performance and Storage

Beyond its camera capabilities, the Vivo V30 Pro aims to deliver robust performance. The smartphone to be powered by the MediaTek Dimensity 8200 SoC, ensuring a balance of power and efficiency. Featuring a maximum of 12GB LPDDR5x RAM and an onboard storage capacity of 512GB using UFS 3.1 technology, users can expect smooth multitasking and ample space for their apps, media, and files.

Display Technology – A Visual Treat

The Vivo V30 Pro is expected to feature a 6.78-inch full-HD+ AMOLED display with a 120Hz refresh rate. The high resolution and refresh rate combination promises a visually immersive experience, ideal for gaming, multimedia consumption, and everyday tasks. With a peak brightness level of 2,800 nits, the display guarantees clear visibility even in bright outdoor settings.

Zeiss Lenses and Aura Light Feature

Vivo has officially confirmed that the V30 Pro will come equipped with Zeiss lenses, emphasizing a commitment to optical excellence. Zeiss, a renowned name in the optics industry, is expected to enhance the overall imaging quality of the device. Additionally, the Aura Light feature adds a touch of sophistication, contributing to the device’s aesthetics.

Battery and Charging Capabilities

The Vivo V30 Pro is poised to keep users powered throughout the day with its substantial 5,000mAh battery. What sets it apart is the support for 80W wired fast charging, ensuring that users can quickly recharge their devices and get back to their actions without prolonged interruptions.

Durability – IP54 Rating

For users concerned about the durability of their devices, the Vivo V30 Pro arrives with an IP54 rating for dust and splash resistance. This feature adds an extra tier of protection, making the device suitable for various environments and weather conditions.

Software – FuntouchOS 14 Based on Android 14

On the software front, the Vivo V30 Pro is to run on FuntouchOS 14 based on Android 14. That ensures users access to the latest features, security updates, and an optimized user interface. Combining efficient hardware and software contributes to a seamless and enjoyable user experience.

Comparison Table – Vivo V30 vs V30 Pro

| Feature                                          | Vivo V30                                        | Vivo V30 Pro                    

| Primary Rear Sensor                  | 48MP                                                       | 50MP (Sony IMX920)             

| Portrait Camera                          | 8MP                                                          | 50MP (Sony IMX816)             

| Ultra-Wide-Angle Lens             | 13MP                                                         | Yes                            

| Front Camera                              | 32MP                                                        | 50MP (Eye AF)                  

| Processor                                     | MediaTek Dimensity 800U                  | MediaTek Dimensity 8200        

| RAM                                              | Up to 8GB                                                | Up to 12GB (LPDDR5x)           

| Storage                                         | Up to 128GB                                            | 512GB (UFS 3.1)                

| Display                                         | 6.44-inch FHD+ AMOLED                   | 6.78-inch FHD+ AMOLED          

| Refresh Rate                               | 60Hz                                                           | 120Hz                          

| Battery Capacity                        | 4,000mAh                                                 | 5,000mAh                       

| Fast Charging                            | 33W                                                             | 80W Wired Fast Charging        

| Operating System                     | FuntouchOS 11 based on Android 11    | FuntouchOS 14 based on Android 14 


As the launch date of the Vivo V30 Pro approaches, the leaked camera details and specifications paint a picture of a device that prioritizes photography excellence without compromising performance and design. From a powerful triple rear camera setup to a high-resolution front-facing camera, the V30 Pro seems calm to cater to the diverse needs of smartphone users.

Including features such as Zeiss lenses, Aura Light, and robust battery and charging capabilities further enhance the device’s appeal. With an IP54 rating for durability and the latest software running under the hood, Vivo aims to deliver a comprehensive and satisfying user experience.

While leaks provide a glimpse into what to expect, an accurate assessment of the Vivo V30 Pro will come with its official launch. As users anticipate the unveiling of this flagship device, the leaks have undoubtedly stirred excitement and set high expectations for what could be a significant player in the competitive smartphone market.

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